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"Luccia apartments" are located in the very center of Ohrid, just 10m. far from one of the symbols of Ohrid,1100 years old tree named "Chinar" ("Square Chinar Tree") and 250m (150m) from Lake Ohrid. Thanks to the central location,many objects of interes are near (Churches Samoil's Fortress, Old Bazaar, Market, Winerry, Bakery with traditional Ohrid rolls,etc.)
mapa nova
market 1. Market (100m)
bank 2. Bank (100m)
post 3. Post (200m)
pharmacy 4. Pharmacy (100m)
taxi 5. Taxi (50m)
Ambulance 6. Ambulance (400m)
old bazaar 7. Old bazaar (20m)
bakery 8. Bakery (30m)
restaurant 9. Restaurant (50m)
massage studi 10. Massage studio (100m)
luccia apartments Luccia apartments
air port Air Port - 7 km
bus station Bus station - 1,3km
Thanks to the central location of the "Luccia apartments"if youwant to travel to the capitol city Skopje, it's not necessary to go to the main bus station which is 1.3km. far, but you can take the bus on the bus station which is near the Market, just 300m. from "Luccia apartments".
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Ohrid, Macedonia
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